Code review and CI in your lunch break


Code review and CI are vital parts of the modern software development process. It also dead easy to set these up for your project. Find out why and how in this talk.

In the past you might just about be forgiven for not setting these tools up (ask anyone who's lost days configuring tools like Gerrit). However today there is no excuse. Bitbucket and Github both offer code review out of the box. They are so simple to setup you could be up and running in your lunch hour and still have time for lunch.

This talk we outline the benefits of code review, how to conduct effective code review. . It'll talk about concepts like pull requests and protected branches and why they are important. It'll take you through (in a series of screenshots) how to setup Github with CircleCI.

We'll also look at a few tools like Coding standard fixers, linters, var dump checkers and how to weave them into your development process.

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PHP Oxford Jul 2018 (beta version)

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