Squash Bugs with Static Analysis


All developers know that bugs are bad and finding them can be difficult. The good news is tools to help us find and prevent bugs are becoming more powerful...

Modern static analysis tools (e.g. IDEs like PHPStorm and tools like Psalm, Phan and PHPStan) are far more advanced then their predecessors. They can find a whole range of bugs whilst keeping the false positive rate low.

This talk introduces more advanced static analysis. It will show the kinds of bugs that the more advanced static analysis tools can find. We'll then look how they can be added to your current development work flow. We'll finally look at how we can write our code in such a way to get the most out of static analysis.

Wherever you are on your static analysis journey this talk will show you the next step.

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IPC Oct 2018

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PHP-SW Sep 2018 (beta version)

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PHP London Sep 2018 (beta version)

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