Beat the bugs, before they beat you

A great talk and some brilliant take aways.

Dave's talk was one of the most relevant and useful of the day. His approach to developing self-explanatory code is excellent and he was a very clear speaker.


“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Software developers have a third certainty. Bugs.

Regardless of experience and skill level, all developers introduce bugs into their code. The longer these bugs fester, the more expensive the consequences of them become. So to improve the quality of our software we need to find bugs fast, ideally before they even end up entering the codebase.

This talk is aimed at beginner to intermediate level software developers. It introduces the concepts: type hints, assertions and value objects.

We'll then look at how these techniques can be combined with modern IDEs to:

  • reduce the chance of introducing bugs
  • minimising the cost associated with any bugs that do slip through the net
  • safely refactor code so we can rename classes, methods and variables to be more explicit

This talk will leave you with plenty of tips on how to write cleaner code with fewer bugs. And best of all you can apply them the next time you write code.

NOTE: Earlier iterations of this talk were under the title "Is what you've coded what you mean?"

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